Write a note on democracy in india

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Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles and Fundamental Duties of India

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Write short note on democracy, political democracy and economic development in India since 194

Write a note on Dr. B. R. Ambedker’s views on social and economic democracy. December 9, admin is the th year of birth anniversary of legendary Indian Legal Philosopher (apart from he being economist, politician) Dr.

Write a short note on Representative Democracy

B. R. Ambedkar, who played a vital role in. Write short note on democracy and development in the post colonial societies and democracy as a form of good governance.

India has achieved democracy and development in the post colonial period and her economy is next to U. S. Many countries have democratic governments now. Democracy means government by the people. They do this by electing their representatives to the government.

All adult citizens of a country have the right to vote in a democracy. This vote is extremely important because it determines the kind of. Secularism and Democracy are two remarkable achievements of independent India. These two achievements have stood the test of time and set the goal of the nation on religious and political fronts.

These two achievements have stood the test of time and. Democracy has more adverse effects in a developing country as in India.

When majority of people are educated and well aware of the situations of the country they are residing in, then democracy can surely give a big hand in its development, but it.

India follows the system of representative democracy. This means that people elect their representatives to power to run the government for them. Representative democracy works in a particular way. People group themselves into political parties according to their views and objectives.

Politics of India

These parties.

Write a note on democracy in india
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