Write a note on ammocoete larva of petromyzon

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The ammocoete larva Examine a whole mount of ammocoetes of lamprey and note: ‐ The general form is that of an eel‐like fish. The head differs from that of the adult, the mouth cavity being surrounded by an upper and a lower lip and containing a number of buccal tentacles (or oral cirri), but devoid of teeth and tongue.

View Notes - Examine the specimen notes from BIOL at University of Manitoba. Examine the specimen provided and note: The body form is eellike and rounded in front, but becomes bilaterally. The ammocoete larva notes University of Manitoba.

Principle of the evolution of the vertebrate central nervous system: the neural tube initially of invariable diameter first develops a single anterior vesicle (cerebral vesicle). (ammocoete larva) and in the adult the dendrites ramify to form a peripheral dendritic plexus.

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Lamprey: External Features and Digestive System

Soon the larva grows three adhesive arms and a sucker at its anterior end and is then called a brachiolaria. At that time it attaches to the substratum, forms a temporary attachment stalk, and undergoes metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis involves a dra- matic reorganization of a bilateral larva into a radial juvenile. The anteroposte. d) Petromyzon.



Herdmania belongs to groupa) Hermichordata. b) Urochordata. c) Pisces. d) Gnathostomata. 3. In Urochorodates the Larva is known as_ a) Bipinaria. b) Tadpole Larva. c) Pluteus.

North Maharashtra University 2007 B.Sc Zoology FY - Question Paper

d) Tornaria. 4. Which type of metamorphosis occurs in tadpole larva of Herdmania. a) Complete metamorphosis. b) Partial metamorphosis.

Write a note on ammocoete larva of petromyzon
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