Media law and ethics notes

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Journal of Media Law and Ethics

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Discourse ethics

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Topics to be covered will include: Philosophy of law, ethical theory, comparative media law and ethics, computer and information technology ethics, conflict of interest, confidentiality of sources, media liability for emotional and physical harm, visual communication ethics, the ethics of indecency, obscenity and pornography, and so on.

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MEDIA LAW AND ETHICS STUDY NOTES CHAPTER ONE ← ← OBJECTIVES At the end of this unit, you should be able to: understand the differences between natural and man-made laws understand the. Media law & ethics 1. Media Law and Ethics There was a time when criticizing the government or a political leader was illegal.

Teaching media law online can be more time consuming, challenging, and less effective than teaching in- person, but with creativity and hard work we might be .

Media law and ethics notes
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