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Oct 12,  · 14 Tips to Pass the CISA Exam article Infographic: Top 7 Jobs in IT Security article Who’s an Ethical Hacker? article Free eBook: Step-by-Step Guide to the CEH Certification ebook 12 Great CISSP Books and Study Author: R Bhargav.

The WAN A natural extension of the LAN is the wide area network (WAN).A WAN connects remote LANs and ties remote computers together over long distances. The WAN provides the same functionality as the individual LAN, but on a larger scale - electronic mail, applications, and files can now move throughout the organization-wide are, by default, heterogeneous networks that consist.

CISA exam has become the industry standard for the IT auditing, control and security. The course helps the students to gain relevant, up-to-date and concise knowledge along with hands-on practice exams to prepare for the CISA certification exam.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

The CISA exam is offered three times each year (June, September, and December), consists of multiple-choice questions, and is focused on the five domains defined by ISACA. Please note that students apply and schedule the CISA Certification Exam directly with ISACA.

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Rating and Stats. the main sections of the exam were as follows: • IS Audit process • IT Governance • Systems & Lifecycle Mgmt Quick Review Info Yellow highlight notes where ISACA emphasizes CISA must-know this List of key items to recite from memory: 5 Task Statements -.

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CISA Flashcards with CISA Practice Questions.

Cisa exam notes wan
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