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In Magdalena and Balthasar, there are difference that come with every similarity shared with Wiesner’s standpoint on women during this time period. No doubt, Magdalena broke the standard for what was seen as normal during this time.

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DUKES of AUSCHWITZ [OŚWIĘCIM] (PIAST) B. DUKES of ZATOR (PIAST). The letters of Magdalena and Balthasar give us a glimpse into the lives of a merchant couple in 16th century Nuremberg, Germany. Renaissance Nuremberg was a city much like Florence, full of culture and based on a strong merchant economy.

The only difference was that while Florence was predominately.

Who Were The German Settlers in the Robinson River Valley?

Magdalena and Balthasar: An Intimate Portrait of Life in Sixteenth Century Europe (), Three Behaim Boys: Growing Up in Early Modern Germany (), Protestants: The Birth of a Revolution (), and The Burgermeister's Daughter: Scandal in a Sixteenth Century German Town () were selections of the History Book Club, as is his most recent.

Magdalena and Balthasar: an intimate portrait of life in 16th-century Europe Responsibility revealed in the letters of a Nuremberg husband and wife and illuminated by Steven Ozment.

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